Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Time BBQ

Since it is summer time most of us are riding bicycles (except people who own 4 wheelers)

Looks like its time to put up the mtn bikes and fixed gears put on your sister's jeans, grab a white belt, scarf and get out the push- fix

I've really been into this lately, I started riding the fixed gear with flat pedals and no breaks back in '94 but I just didn't feel the zen like connection to my ride like I do with my fix-push board. The skidding competitions are the best.

This should be cool for a few minutes and then I am going to find some other old forgoten useless object to make cool. I think I'll go back to wooden rims on my bike to get the true zen experience of bicycle riding, all you other fools are just posers.

Homeless man: "Do you know why hipsters are no good at karate?"

Me: Huh?... no.

Homeless man: "Because they can't get past the white belt"

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