Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"To Serve Man"

Well we haven't updated in a while...
Here is a working draft that was written for March:

Gustatus Similis Pullus

March like a lion. I wish I had sat down and blogged some over the course of March it was a busy month. Unfortunately now you'll just get a laundry list of happenings of the month.

On the 5th everyone got together to celebrate the life of Daniel D. with a run from Alum Cave to the Overlook on the West Prong and then a bike ride at Kitsuma. The rest of the week we paddled Suck Creek and Cain/ North Chick. here in Chattanooga. The following Saturday Bear Creek ran.
Lots of biking: rode across GSMNP, paddled the Bear again with Andy D, Nate H and some Asheville boys, rode 65 of the 100mi route for the Cohutta 100 with Turner, paddled Suck Creek, lost a teacher mentor and hero as Ron Stewart passed away. Ran the Bear again. We thought alot about Ron as we paddled that day and it was good to be with several others who had learned alot about boating and a little about mathmatics from Mr. Stewart.

Sometime later Nate Helms, Chris Young, Alex Ransom, Jason Rodwell and I met up at Blake Turner's house to ride the Cohutta 100. It rained the night before. The ride was good. Jason Muirell beat Floyd Landis, TASTE IT!

A couple of weeks of relaxation later Nate Helms, Chris Young, Alex Ransom and I met up in Brevard area to race PMBAR , awesome event and format. Brad Kee won it, TDUB!
I think we'll be back for Double Dare this fall.

A couple days ago we went to the Green River Narrows and had a great group of old friends. As we were relaxing on the rocks below Sunshine Bryce said, " I wish I had this group going to California with me" or something like that. He left for CA yesterday with a couple of squires. They should be fine, they'll just need a few pairs of clean underpants.

they'll probably be more biking than boating and I'll try to update this blog more often for all our dedicated readers. {echo}

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