Sunday, June 17, 2007

How We Roll Part II

Or: More Colorado Dilly Dally

NOTES: Treasure Canyon

-high alpine scenery

-"unique" character

-"worth doing", once

-deadly portage just before crux drop "Twizzler"

-no "OBJ style" anything

makes mouths happy

Good Idea: Stop off at the Wolf Creek "tunnel of love" for some "roadside", high-water action. Put in just upstream of large culvert under highway 160 on the west side of Wolf Creek Pass. Take out after you've had enough.

Bad Idea: Risk life and limb clinging to loose rocks on sketchy scree slope only to be turned away from twenty-footer by near vertical walls.

Good Idea: Head to Durango for Colorado Gazeteer and Thai food made by cowboy.

... and your dad is still a bitch, kid.

Interesting Idea: Put on Lime creek late in the afternoon on an a hot day in June.

Bad Idea: Break your borrowed Werner in Adrenaline

Good Idea: Follow local's lines on Lime creek late in the afternoon on a hot day in June.

"colorado classics"

Good Idea: For Epic Winter Riding, Check Out Treasure Mountain Hut

Backcountry's Finest

PLAN B.2: Run the Upper Animas from Silverton to Tacoma

PLAN C.2: Avoid the cold wind and rain in the various nooks and crannies of Silverton. Head over Red Mountain Pass . Doddle in Ouray. Head to Orvis for a soak. Eat more cheeseburgers. Drive dirt roads for miles in the dark. Pull over and sleep in the dirt.

un-run 60 footer in Animas watershed

PLAN D.3: Big Cimmaron

PLAN E.3: West Fork Big Cimmaron. (First D anyone? I hear its just ripe up there for exploring.)

PLAN G.9: Take advantage of recent cold snap and falling water levels. Head to Crystal drainage. Yule on the high side. Resort to plan H.9.

PLAN H.9: Head up the North Fork of the Crystal. Cross the creek? Definately. Get turned back by snowed-in road. Definately.

PLAN I.a: Good Idea? Bad Idea? at Crystal Mill Falls

run to the hills

Good Idea: Come back to Yule the next morning.

the mystic is a sick stick

Bad Idea: "Check" the wall at the bottom of slide shown below.

boldy going

Marginal Idea: Get rejected by rooster tail and get sent careening into giant rock pile at river-right, bottom of slides shown below.

Reality Check

Good Idea: Skip like a stone at the bottom of this massive slide

elephant gunner

Bad Idea: Put in too high upstream on Yule creek.

Good Idea: Running the crown jewel of Colorado's park-n-huck.

happy ending

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How We Roll

Or: Spirit of the Hawk Flies with Beta


May 31st. Beta Team Leave Chattanooga. Drive to New Mexico. Paddle low water ditch mankfest El Rio Santo Cruz. Paddle The Embudo. Observe first ever gaging station installed by the USGS sometime in the late 19th century. Wait on Charlie Team.

O Captain

Charlie Team arrive. Alpha Team call and advise all teams to continue to the Middle Fork Kings ASAP. Bomb Embudo with Charlies. Charlies become convinced that California is the place to be. Drive north to Treasure Canyon. Part ways with Charlie Team on the 4th.

Michael Jackson or Magic Johnson?

very local: Atom Crawford

Receive call from JC Sprayer. Yule is on the way in. Drive to Penitente Canyon. Sleep amidst giant boulders. Awake and drive to Yule in the AM.


Awake amidst giant boulders. Realize Yule is very far out of the way to California. Head to Durango. Maybe stop at Wolf Creek waterfalls.

Some interesting folks in these hills: Jayhawk the Prospector and Jerry Garcia look-a-like, migrant "fisherman" near false put-in. Both friendly


Remember about Treasure Canyon. It is on the way to Durango, in a way. Stop off in Del Norte for some internet. Kings looks too high. Call Alpha Team and inform.

it didn't give me one

Charlie Team and Beta Team will stick to Colorado park-n-huck and high-water mank. Fest.

A big game hunter in his habitat

Stanimal out