Sunday, June 17, 2007

How We Roll Part II

Or: More Colorado Dilly Dally

NOTES: Treasure Canyon

-high alpine scenery

-"unique" character

-"worth doing", once

-deadly portage just before crux drop "Twizzler"

-no "OBJ style" anything

makes mouths happy

Good Idea: Stop off at the Wolf Creek "tunnel of love" for some "roadside", high-water action. Put in just upstream of large culvert under highway 160 on the west side of Wolf Creek Pass. Take out after you've had enough.

Bad Idea: Risk life and limb clinging to loose rocks on sketchy scree slope only to be turned away from twenty-footer by near vertical walls.

Good Idea: Head to Durango for Colorado Gazeteer and Thai food made by cowboy.

... and your dad is still a bitch, kid.

Interesting Idea: Put on Lime creek late in the afternoon on an a hot day in June.

Bad Idea: Break your borrowed Werner in Adrenaline

Good Idea: Follow local's lines on Lime creek late in the afternoon on a hot day in June.

"colorado classics"

Good Idea: For Epic Winter Riding, Check Out Treasure Mountain Hut

Backcountry's Finest

PLAN B.2: Run the Upper Animas from Silverton to Tacoma

PLAN C.2: Avoid the cold wind and rain in the various nooks and crannies of Silverton. Head over Red Mountain Pass . Doddle in Ouray. Head to Orvis for a soak. Eat more cheeseburgers. Drive dirt roads for miles in the dark. Pull over and sleep in the dirt.

un-run 60 footer in Animas watershed

PLAN D.3: Big Cimmaron

PLAN E.3: West Fork Big Cimmaron. (First D anyone? I hear its just ripe up there for exploring.)

PLAN G.9: Take advantage of recent cold snap and falling water levels. Head to Crystal drainage. Yule on the high side. Resort to plan H.9.

PLAN H.9: Head up the North Fork of the Crystal. Cross the creek? Definately. Get turned back by snowed-in road. Definately.

PLAN I.a: Good Idea? Bad Idea? at Crystal Mill Falls

run to the hills

Good Idea: Come back to Yule the next morning.

the mystic is a sick stick

Bad Idea: "Check" the wall at the bottom of slide shown below.

boldy going

Marginal Idea: Get rejected by rooster tail and get sent careening into giant rock pile at river-right, bottom of slides shown below.

Reality Check

Good Idea: Skip like a stone at the bottom of this massive slide

elephant gunner

Bad Idea: Put in too high upstream on Yule creek.

Good Idea: Running the crown jewel of Colorado's park-n-huck.

happy ending

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Cooper Lambla said...

That elephant gunner pic is rediculous!!! Nice trip report, hope sprayer and will are still at it!!!