Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome to the new era

What the hell do you think is going to change? Maybe your calendar ran out of pages, but I'd say that is about it, otherwise your still fucked.

The polls are in and only one good thing came out of '05- CA trip(2 river sexpedition) Maybe you'll read about it... "Meet my left and my right. Keep it real; represent what? My Nuts!"

All those that matter hope to see a change in the way of things for '06. I hope that today's journey down the trail of tears is not indicative of things to come. Give me a second to refill my vodka.

Got to get the bug fogger out in the morning. Let those little buggers start out a new in '06. The cabin is set to blast at 7:30 am. Everyone has had a little bit of blood letting on there minds. If that's what it takes then so be it.

Here are a few things to not forget in '06 WMDs?, Scooter, Abromoff, Enron etc., The right wing blogger posing as journalist, Please tell me the last time the USA went into a country to spread democracy and was successful?..(i.e. did not result in some form of backlash; examples support of Taliban in war with Russia, support of Pinochet and Noreiga), free speach zones..., ohio/FLA elections, rendition, no bid contracts in Iraq and New Orleans, Abu Ghraib, amount of money vowed to fight AIDS ahh but do not be deceived the liberals will try to fool you as well. Oh, time for more vodka already? Dawgs are on too. As I was always told its not what is reported in the news, its what is not reported that is important.

oh shit I almost forgot this was supposed to be a kayaking blog. Well, don't be a (!) go kayaking if you can. If you think reading about kayaking on the internet is going to make you a better kayaker you are sadly mistaken. If you suck then well, you suck.
Since you clicked here to read about kayaking here is some real old school, illegal, shit to whet your appetite for destruction...

Look forward to Randy R.'s more positive posts


Randy Rodson said...

that's fucking hillarious.

Capatin Ralph said...

After This post I got up the next day and ran the Raven Fork. It made me feel much better about the world, for a few hours at least.

Captain Ralph

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of sissys. Who Comments on their own blog anyways?


Randy Rodson said...

people who know that no one reads their blogs, and so make themselves feel special with sweet comments like: your pretty.