Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Prophetic Words

This is the first entry by yours truly Kristopherson Vegas...Don't be alarmed I have been lurking in the shadows watching what has unfolded in the last year. I have escaped from the evil prison run by the turbine testers. A new era shall begin; one fraught with exploits not yet seen be the common man. Point being...I don't give a good damn shit about anything anymore, fuck you. The cursed year of '05 is gone and it should beware the monster it has created.

A band of pilgrims will be gathered and the exodus will soon begin. Save your pennies and look to the horizon. The world of kayaking has seen what a small group of Hamiltonion descent can do in its arena; soon others will too. The world has not yet known a force comparable in academic, cultural, and all around bad-assical heroes as the mythical band known only as TJ.

The call of the lunar influenced sinusoidal rhythm of H2O + NaCl in the liquid state calls, as does the pure form of the blessed polar molecule in the frozen state, piled in crystalline form, atop formations created long ago before the time of man.

...stay tuned and prepare...don't be afraid; our time is short and must be utilized

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Anonymous said...

laugh out loud funny.

Pisskle and Pooper give it two thumbs up. Way up.

the point being section mad eme laugh.