Thursday, November 10, 2005

"I'm lovin It"

I love the internet... You must as well... Well you're here aren't you?

I was going to post some shi yesterday it would have been sweet cause I was pissed but then I went running.. Oh well maybe next time. Randy R ain't been writting so this place is commandeered for NOV. 10. I think he might have been put off by some fags on the internet who told him this wasn't worth reading.

I especially like clicking the next blog button... Sometimes you can read about politics, science, squash, swinging, and sometimes there are pictures of hot chics.

Occasionally I read about kayaking on forums upon the world wide web. It's usually pretty boring until someone starts some shit up. Today's highlites were:


and the surprise follow up:

Here's a real zinger:

also the forum on has been reaalll niice them peoples panties is all wadded up no matter how you slice it.

I like the way the internet has become a good information source for kayaking and how people also use it to boost their own fame and/or egos
some have been quite successful.
I like to use the internet to video scout. I haven't gotten out of my boat to look at a rapid since I got rid of dial up.

another entertaining read is when Rush Sturgen asks the reads of the caliproduct forum why everyone is all hating on his crew man. Why ya gotta be hating on YGP bro? The internet is sweet because you can post something that seems ok while at your desk and then once it is out there you realize you made yourself look like a pussy.
This is what a pussy looks like: (!)

see what I mean ( at least I can edit this later... I think)

on a side note sometime when you get a chance look at a blog called write this shit down I like that guy he seems unhappy.

How 'bout those politicians ehh?

daa da da da daaa....

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Randy Rodson said...

no, not listening to fags, just busy with real life shit, you know, like surfing other blogs for good poaching ideas, getting robbed via this damn thing, and gettin crunk biatch...