Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 years in the Halls of Karma

A motion has be made to hold the 2012 Mystery Worlds at the Halls of Karma.  The giant sUSGuS has been monitoring the flows near this realm for some 30 years.  I have made summons to this robot-machine for a glimpse into its mirror pool of data, and I have been returned a great many binaries.  With the help of my Excel-lent powers, I have extruded these numbers into a format for human viewing.  No special goggles are required, but turn on your thinking cap.  This may help with your interpretations of these space-time deliverables:  KARMA    May the decisions be educated!

I shall return with digital imaging and memory based descriptions of the zombie vortex at this years Mystery Worlds held at the Weasel, North Santiam River, Oregon.

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