Monday, April 06, 2009

April Showers

steeper than it looks, down the gut of Rock Creek, Lookout Mountain

Rain has consistently been in the forecast here in East Tennessee, and its apparent in things like relationships, to-do lists, and other "responsibilities". Water off a ducks back you might say, because its been nothing short of a chargefest 'round here. Last weekend tKnoxville made it over to Mr. Watty's for a little adventure kayaking. They hiked over the mountain and pulled a big scoooooop on all the other boaters that showed up at Anaconda just in time to watch 'em charge 'er down the gut, no scout. No time for pictures. "Hiking over from the Straight Fork is the only way to go." -N. Helms

This weekend it was a little "after" work West Prong Friday, followed by an alpine start on a Lookout Mountain "gem" into Classic Cain mission Saturday.

Insurance Bluff

Rain Lankin back in action

Lovely Lula Lake Falls: Big ups to the Land Trust

"How many portages did you do?" -Lane

backyard stomping ground

fully charged from the warm-up

Rock Creek warm-up

Rock Creek has been off the radar screen for most Chatt. boaters for a long time. Bryce and Brent went in for the first decent around 10 years ago and never reported that there was much too it. It took a Knoxville boater going back in on a solo mission to really open the eyes of everyone of the quality of the run. Access is on private land and permission is easy to get, but required before going into this creek. The land managers have been very open to the idea of having kayakers as an additional user group here. Rock Creek has probably seen more decents in the past two weeks than it has over the past 10 years. It is a steep but relativly clean run, but still reminds the paddler of runs like Middle Creek and North Pole. The only requests of the land managers thus far is to stay low key, small groups (which I think we are pushing altely) and don't get hurt.

I have been trying to stay off Suck Creek lately opting instead to get after work runs in on Cain> North Chick. which is classic and allows for more of a river running experience by offering the possiblility to stay in the boat for 9 to 10 miles rather than short 1 mile laps.
T. Martin you still owe me a booty beer, don't think I am going to forget or let it slide! Your photo will be on this blog soon enough.

he's gonna be a daddy soon

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