Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Andy D is riding in Mexico- check his progress here: crazyguyonabike

We got some rain and got to go kayaking in Alabama, saw lots of friends paddled a few river miles, good times, no photos, no video.

A great cyclist was lost in Chattanooga, our deepest sympathy goes out to David's family. Below are several links to check out on this:
Suck Creek Cycle Blog
Suck Creek Cycle Blog more
Drunk Cyclist: Rider Down

Our boys at LVM did a feature on squirt boating on their "monday morning mad house" series and the video featured some TJ action, watch the video here:
Lunch Video
check out their other stuff on the link to the left.

Got a report back from the annual march get together, which I was bummed to miss this year, that there was good water and nice weather for a green run and heartbreak ridge ride. It was also reported that "the big game hunter" now has a bike. Look out fat bottomed girls!

Stay bright, be seen and crack a cold one.

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