Monday, January 05, 2009

Crushing New Years Eve

It seems that dry weather has temporarily made itself scarce here in East Tennessee, which has certainly made all water loving mammals happy, but during the drought of the past few years other avenues of adventuring were explored. Over the holidays an old friend returned from "the land of enchantment" to explore some southeastern geology. Here are some shots from the Devil's Racetrack, an interesting rock fin protruding from the edge of the Cumberland Plateau near Carryville.

Danimal half way up, cold stoked
The view down from the belay station at the top of the first pitch (look at little Walden asleep in the sun, what a good puppy)

Danimal charging pitch number two

Looking off the top into the Tennessee Valley

Rock Fin

So thats why they call it the Devil's Racetrack...

Here is why we didn't climb this route when we came here during the summer. Huge jug half way up the first pitch is a giant bees nest. Yikes. Luckily they weren't home when we were there.

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