Friday, February 16, 2007


“What Happened to The Bear?” – a look into the facts surrounding the mysterious lack of rainfall on Lookout Mountain, GA (TJRC, 2007).

Figure 1: 27 Years of Streamflow Data for Lookout Creek

There are many theories as to why the sacred Bear does not run anymore. Some have blamed development upstream, sinkholes opening in the watershed, general drought, and even an invisible “rain shield” held in place by mystic forces of the netherworld. Though many of these seem plausible, none can be proven by mere rhetoric. Thus, the Team Jib Research Council (TJRC) has put together a proposal for a scientific study to analyze all the contributing variables and to determine, once and for all, the cause/s of this horrific tragedy. It is the belief of a few members of Team Jib (TJ) that the current lack of rain over Lookout Mountain, GA is due to a curse brought upon the residents of the southeast by a certain council member who shall, for the purposes of this study, remain nameless. This study will be base on scientific evidence, such that no bias by superstition or wanton paddy-cake in the realm of ideas will influence the findings of the TJRC.

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clarence b. said...

This is a fascinating proposal. I really believe that this could finally cast some light onto the mysterious plague of that region. We should move forward hoping that whatever the reason found, we can maybe take additional steps to do something about it. (ex. terminating/relocating unsaid resident)