Tuesday, October 18, 2005

what can i say

that's right. tj is on the bloggin scene like william tell on a 747. but after all this waiting and anticipation, hours of laboriously treading through the information muck hole, and an aquatic chemistry biffing, i come to find my pursuits in finding the perfect name totally worthless. someone has beat me to the blogger man, and stolen my name.
so add an 's' and you have jiblogs. maybe i like it better anyways. this way, after the rest of the rats spread the word and some total loser decides to come looking for my shit, they will find an even bigger pile of shit made by some tight ass from wisconsin.

but speaking of shit, here is what you really want to see anyway:

while in the dollar general, one might stumble upon one of these fluffed up, nastier flavors: winter green

Stay Tuned! more prodigious bull shit coming...

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Anonymous said...

"Don't Follow Me" ~
"I'm Following My Bliss"